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Participant's review on our training courses.

  • Amret (MFI), Cambodia:
    'Very good for your arrangement'.
  • KfW (Bank), Germany:
    'Good, relevant objectives which were well covered by the variety of Faculties'.
  • MRA (Government), Bangladesh:
    'I was really Interested in transformation, ASA innovation and ACLEDA's success history. The scenarion of MFI operation in Bangladesh & Cambodia is different, but I learnt alot from ACLEDA and I try my best to apply these learning in a view to my institution'.
  • Prasac (MFI), Cambodia:
    'It was a great course for management Staff. ACLEDA should provide more course that realated to Government/Board role for commercial bank'.
  • Sathapana Limited (MFI), Cambodia:
    • 'It was a very good course, especially questions and answer that can discover most of topics. Learnt new about ALCO and Board'.
    • 'It was very good course which I learnt alots'.
    • 'Well organized and well structured course'.
    • 'The workshop was conducted in clear steps with clear objectives that we can learn from it and understand well'.
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